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Imagine giving your news readers fresh, relevant promotions, posted in real-time by your advertisers all day, every day. LiveMarket lets your advertisers post their own promos 24/7 in exchange for a recurring access fee. It's the hands-off, recurring revenue, ad platform you always wanted.

LiveMarket delights publishers, advertisers and readers.

LiveMarket creates a useful marketplace by letting advertisers serve instant promotions in an easy-to-read format, all throughout the day.

Publisher Benefits

LiveMarket handles 100s of advertisers, creating a new opportunity for significant ad revenue. Signups and billing are automatic for a truly hands-off recurring revenue stream. Plus, advertisers create new content for your site, boosting your SEO.

Advertiser Benefits

For a low recurring fee, advertisers can schedule promotions daily, and as often as they like. View and click rates are 20x higher than traditional display ads and are unaffected by ad blockers. Advertisers use a simple dashboard to publish and experiment with different promotions. Ads are automatically granted the top spot as soon as they are published, granting an equal and instant share of visibility.

Reader Benefits

LiveMarket ads are relevant - created by local organizations. Promos are posted in real time, providing special offers and new information they can easily check out. LiveMarket gives them a great way to keep an eye on offers in their area.

“LiveMarket is a fantastic new revenue stream for us. I haven't had this much fun selling something in a long time.”

Josh, Owner, Genessee Sun

Our Features

LiveMarket is easy and effective: easy to set-up, easy to use, and effective at increasing revenue - for publishers and advertisers alike.

Advertisers can schedule promotions instantly

This huge benefit lets your advertisers promote specials, services, and new items daily, without fuss or lead time.

Automated Recurring Revenue

Advertisers register with their payment info and gain immediate access to your site. No fuss for them and no invoicing for you.

LiveMarket Increases Search & Social

New promo pages created on your site get indexed by Google and are shareable on Facebook and all other social media outlets. The more promos posted, the more SEO power your site achieves.

You Control Pricing

What you charge for access is up to you. You can change the recurring cost any time.

Promotions are easier to read

LiveMarket creates new sponsored content that is easier for readers to scan and blends naturally with your current article content.

LiveMarket promotions work better on mobile

Through in-content display and mobile footer promotions, LiveMarket shines on all phones.

10x Average Click Rates

The numbers prove that readers are hungry for relevant real-time promos over static banner ads.

Weekly Performance Reports

Advertisers receive a weekly report showing how their promotions performed, helping them understand what works best for them, and encouraging a thriving marketplace.

How It Works

For advertisers, posting in LiveMarket is incredibly easy. (For publishers, it’s even easier. Just sit back and enjoy.)

Advertisers Register and Pay for access

The simple registration process allows advertisers to set up recurring payments. In return they gain instant, 24/7 access to the marketplace.

Once logged in, advertisers can schedule a promotion at any time

User-friendly tools make it simple for advertisers to quickly create clean attractive promotions, complete with text, photos, video, and links. Each promo displays on a dedicated, searchable page.

Once the promotion is published it is instantly live in your LiveMarket

Headline links to the full promo are displayed in a rotating, most-recent-first list on your site, allowing for maximum visibility.


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