1st a quick review on how LiveMarket works

You set the weekly rate that the advertiser pays to gain access to posting on LiveMarket. Consider starting with an introductory rate (EG: $10/week) to get it going and increasing it to your official rate (EG: $20/wk) at a set deadline date. You can increase or decrease your weekly fee at any time which only affects new LiveMarket subscribers who come in at the new rate. Existing LiveMarket subscribers will continue to pay their original weekly fee.

After the advertiser signs up, they will gain immediate access to your LiveMarket and be able to start posting promotions.

As soon as an advertiser posts a promo, they get the top ad spot pushing the previous promo down one spot (this is the motivation to come back and post). This creates equal access to your best ad space for all advertisers, encourages advertisers to post new promotions, and most importantly (because human thought goes into every post) the ads tend to be more relevant to your readership.

Check out the Sun Beat on GeneseeSun.com to see LiveMarket in action.


LiveMarket costs nothing to set up. You keep 70% of advertiser payments. We collect 27% and cover the credit card processing fees. As soon as an advertiser pays you immediately receive your funds.

How to get LiveMarket Set Up

  1. Download and activate the LiveMarket plugin on your site
  2. Set up an active account with Stripe.com. It takes 5 minutes to set up and is how you will be receiving payments
  3. Register with LiveMarket: https://my.livemarket.pub/
  4. Add your publication (we support multiple publications) and fill out the details (you can edit this info at any time)
  5. Follow the steps to connect your Stripe account to LiveMarket
  6. In LiveMarket copy your publication’s API token into the LiveMarket section in your WordPress dashboard
  7. In LiveMarket click on your publication and fill out the sales copy targeted to generating new advertisers. Here is a sample advertiser sign up page you can use for inspiration
  8. On your site create a page for all your LiveMarket promos to be listed on (create a market name for it: Deals Board, Local Promos, Classifieds, something relevant to your audience). Add the LiveMarket shortcode to the page: [livemarket] Consider adding this page to your menu
  9. On your site dashboard click the LiveMarket menu and choose/save the LiveMarket promos page you just created (the one all your promos will be displayed on)
  10. In your website dashboard: Go to Appearance/Widgets: add the LiveMarket widget to all the areas of your site you wish to display the LiveMarket promos. Homepage sidebar and article page sidebar are typical. Title each widget with your market name: “Deals Board” etc
  11. Post a few sample promotions: Head back to your LiveMarket dashboard, click on Advertisements and click the “Add New” button. Post 1 new sample ad a day to get things rolling
  12. That’s it. Now you can start contacting advertisers to promote your new marketplace. You can share the advertiser signup link found at the bottom of your LiveMarket ads on your site

Questions? Please send them our way!

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